About | Danny Min Kim


Welcome! I'd like to call this place a home for both photos and words, and just about everything in between. Originally called The Other Lenses, the name was changed to east by west, an allusion to the many adventures I am slowly starting to embark on. In the meantime, I love wandering around New York City, talking to new people, and trying different things.

Hailing from South Korea, I came to the United States at the age of five. I've been living in New York City ever since, constantly learning to adapt to its ever-changing, ever-creating culture; whether it be the people, the food, or the events in this city, there is none other like it. Though part of my background is the city I grew up in, I am taking a (brief) hiatus from the bustle of New York. I currently attend Dartmouth College ('18) in beautifully forested New Hampshire studying Arabic and Human-Centered Design, amongst other interests.

So sit back, make yourself at home, and enjoy!